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Latency Lagg (Guide)

Post by projsa on Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:33 pm

First of all, I don't know what section this thread would fit in, so I'll just put it here for now.

I decided to make this thread because this guy Tox is having these "lagg spikes". It means that he might have a stable 300 ping, but sometimes it jumps up to 380ms, and then down to 300ms again. So I asked him what internet connection type he's using, and as I suspected he is using Wi-Fi (wireless connection).

If you're using Wi-Fi too, I highly suggest you to do the following steps to enhance your internet connection (Leatrix Latency Fix will help wired users too).

Step 1.
Download and run the program Leatrix Latency Fix. It's a program developed by Leatrix. The program increases the frequency of TCP acks sent to the server, which means you will get a better ping. Follow the steps on the website and don't forget to restart your computer.
Leatrix Latency Fix

Step 2.
So the first step was to fix your ping a bit, but to fix your lagg spikes you need to do another thing. Basicly your wireless card is searching for nearby networks each 30-60 seconds without asking you, and this might cause these lagg spikes. We can make it stop searching for networks by downloading the program WLAN Optimizer, developed by Martin Majowski. Follow the steps on the website and again, don't forget to restart your computer.
WLAN Optimizer

(Alternatively instead of using WLAN Optimizer, for the more advanced user, you can disable it manually by using CMD. Open CMD as admin and type in the following command: netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=no interface="Wireless Network Connection"
Note that each time you want to reconnect to any network, you need to manually turn it on again by using this method. Simply replace the 'no interface' part with 'yes interface'.)

That's it for now!

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