Need help with this god damn command!

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Need help with this god damn command!

Post by toxic on Wed May 04, 2016 6:46 am

Anyone knows about /cg_projectilenudge please?? is this a 1.32 specific command or what? is there a way i can include it in 1.16?


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Re: Need help with this god damn command!

Post by Nitro on Thu May 26, 2016 4:34 am

sorry i'm a bit late ^^; btw this command is for "predicting" the position of projectiles. Setting a positive number will make you see the projectile where is WAS X milliseconds ago, setting is to a negative number will make your pc "guess" where the projectile will be in X milliseconds.

It's used to compensate ping. immagine you have a ping of 200. you recive game informations 200ms later than what's happening on the server. You can use time nudge to predict current data based on old one.
Be aware tho, predicted data is not always correct, and when it isn't, it will lead to projectile blinking (looks like a lag spike to the eye). this is because your pc thought the projectile would be there, but in fact it was somewhere else, so you'll see the projectile blinking from the predicted position to the real position.

That's kinda hard to explain, if you need more, feel free to ask, i can go even deeper into the details


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